Thursday, November 14, 2013

Day #16- The Blahs

Tonight I am feeling a bit blah- not major down or upset or anything, just a bit blah.  In the past I would have jumped away from feeling this feeling and into a bottle of wine.  I was so uncomfortable with any emotion, so scared of my emotions, that alcoholic 'anesthesia' was the only way I felt I could deal with them.

Tonight, I sat with this feeling.  I ate some dinner, finished up some paperwork, went to my Pilates class.  And sure enough, I am feeling more normal, more engaged with the world again.  The somewhat staggering realization for me:  Emotions ebb and flow, come and go.  I won't get stuck in an emotion, and the emotions won't hurt me.  They are what I am feeling, but they are not me.

This is a very different way of living for me.  I like it. 

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  1. I have the Blahs today. Definitely need to learn how to accept emotions as they are without trying to alter them .

    Here is an interesting take on Vulnerability


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