Monday, November 18, 2013

Sober Day #20- A Bit of a Let Down

I'm working on cutting down on diet coke at the same time as I am cutting out alcohol.  Today at Whole Foods I got a ton of different seltzer waters and flavored zero calorie drinks- auditioning an evening drink substitute.

This weekend was a bit more difficult than the last for me.  I think the initial novelty of feeling good, getting good sleep, losing the brain fog, is beginning to fade.  In its place there is a quiet enjoyment of this, but also more of a space to miss alcohol.  It's the habits that end up making me feel a bit bereft.  The:  let's go out for Sunday lunch and a glass or two of wine.  The Sunday evening wine while cooking dinner.  It's not that it takes great effort to resist, but more that I feel more acutely the absence of what seemed a nurturing and enjoyable habit.  Obviously, this was a false friendship, and had become a habit that was interfering with living my personal Best Life-  but it still feels like an empty hole.

However, I am plodding forward toward my 100 days, and do not think I will ever become a daily drinker again.  Sigh.  

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