Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sober Day #18- Food in Excess doesn't Work Well either.

Well, this is an experiment I won't repeat.  I thought, wow, I'm really cutting down on empty calories of wine- so maybe once a week junk/carb loading won't hurt.  That's how I'll celebrate the end of the work week.  I suppose I should have thought about the fact that I've eaten fairly strictly low carb for years so my system is pretty well adjusted to that.

OK. I got myself potato chips, an ice cream sandwich, two large cookies.  And I ate a good portion of it at one sitting last night.  Then, about half an hour after that, I started to feel slightly nauseated- and then spent most of an hour with belly cramps. My GI tract was truely not ready for grains and sugar.

Morals of the story:

(1)  Food in excess, especially the wrong type, is definitely not as bad as too much wine, but it is not doing my health any favors, either.

(2)  If I need a Friday night treat, a steak and part of a baked potato might be good, or some form of shellfish, which I adore.

(3)  It's back to mostly very low carb for me!!

Carrie at Day #18.

PS.  The rest of everything went down the garbage disposal.  Groan, says my stomach, even now.  

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