Friday, November 15, 2013

Day #17- The Upset didn't Upset my Plan

I had an upset with dear daughter tonight.  Overall, we have a great relationship for a teenage girl and her mom (I think she saw a lot of the problems older sister and brother created for themselves and learned from this- and those two are themselves doing much better these days).  But tonight she promised to accomplish a household chore while I was out (NOT out drinking!!!) - and I got home late to find the task undone.

In the past I would have grumbled and retreated into my wine glass, feeling abused and ill-treated.  Instead, tonight, I hitched up my pants like a grown up and said, OK, I am disappointed in your choice- but let's tackle this task together.  And so we did, and it got done.

And now I am sitting here with my diet root beer and a small handful of dark chocolate chips. She is settled down in bed.  In a few minutes I will take a quick shower (the task being somewhat malodorous, lol) and put myself to bed.  With a few extra chocolate calories on board, but not a drop of alcohol to be seen.

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