Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day #14- Is it really TWO WHOLE WEEKS??

Wow.  I am surprised.

I had always intended to stop drinking for a while, but the date which I was imagining doing this was always a few months in the future (kinda like Middle Age is always 5 years older that one is, lol).  I didn't really intend to quit now. I just had that one day of alcohol-related bad experiences, and found the words coming out of my mouth:  That's it.  I'm done.

That first evening I discovered the world of sober blogs, and was amazed to find out that I wasn't the baddest, most worthless person who ever lived- just because two glasses of wine was NEVER enough.  There is a whole community of people who are struggling with the same issues I am.  Wow.

In that vulnerable and open state, I came across Belle's blog, and her 100 day challenge.  Without really making a decision, I found myself signing up for this, sending her the original email.  And here I am at two weeks into it.

I'm a bit worried because it hasn't really been all that hard.  I had no withdrawal symptoms that I could notice- and I was watching pretty closely.

Things I am liking: (1)  great sleep (2) more energy and clarity in the mornings (3) not spending all that time figuring out when and where to buy wine, when it was OK to drink (ie, not needing to drive anywhere) (4) getting a whole lot more done around the house and for work, in that variable time formerly occupied by being half-present, half in a bottle of wine.

Maybe I am a fraud- or maybe I am doing something wrong?  I read of others' agonizing struggles through the first days, the first weeks.  Maybe I am just on a giant pink cloud, and the awful reality is going to hit me soon.  Maybe-  I don't know what else.  It is not often that I am uncertain or at a loss for words, but this is definitely how I'd describe my mental state at present.

In the meantime, however, tomorrow will be Day #15, and the day after that (U"bermorgan, as the Germans say) will be Day #16, and I will be continuing my trek toward Day #100.  

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