Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sober Day #26- Flying without Wine

I have always been a Fearful Flyer.  I would not get on a plane without at least one glass of wine in me, even if it was a 7 AM flight.  (Sometimes awkward, lol!)  International flights?  Glass after glass of wine until I fell asleep.  I guess I thought I would self-destruct without that cushion, that self-erected zone of I am Not Really Here.

Yesterday I got to the airport, and went through security.  My default after that is to head immediately to the closest bar.  And I did.  But I ordered iced tea and a salad.  When at the next airport between flights, I bought a diet coke and some cashews and nibbled on these while recharging my phone and reading the morning's WSJ which I'd brought along (hard to read newspapers on planes!!)

I got on the next flight, and arrived here in New Orleans.  And here I am!

How was it?  Almost painless.  I did stock up on a backpack full of magazines, and a few cross-word puzzles to distract myself.

Final Diagnosis:  I guess I must have long ago outgrown being a Fearful Flyer without realizing it.  Another revelation of this sobriety experiment. I keep finding out that I am Stronger than I thought.  In a lot of ways, excess use of wine seems to be an emotional crutch that I no longer need.  Wow!

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