Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sober Days #83 and #84- Tolerance, Acceptance and Resilience!

This sober blogging community-  we are amazing!  I have been aware of Sober Blogs and reading (and writing) them now for about 3 months.  The power of this group astonishes me!

I have read many blogs detailing not-quite-making it.  A one night deviation from a plan of abstinence, or a several year dive back into alcohol.  Some just go quiet during these time.  Others, the very bravest, post the details of these very difficult experiences.   And are received with kindness, acceptance, acknowledgment of how any of us have been there, could be there, will be there again, disappointing ourselves in our struggle with that most seductive of false friends, alcohol.  There is always encouragement, support and suggestions for new strategies.

And the resilience we show here!  Those who fail in their abstinence plans, and start again, once or a thousand times.  What is braver, more determined, stronger, than someone who fails, and tries again, fails and tries again.  This takes a very special kind of courage, to face not-doing what you intended, and coming back for another pass, for as long as it takes.  It takes a very special kind of self-acceptance, forgiveness and gut-wrenching determination.

And that's just those of us who are working on this out loud- er, in semi-public writing via blogs or comments.  We also include the vast numbers of lurkers, who draw strength, education and a knowledge of not-being-alone from reading and thinking, without feeling the need to write.

Nobody planned this.  No one said, Gee, everyone who struggles with alcohol, listen up!  Let's all write blogs about our experiences.  Nope.  This community is like the best of off-line, in 3D life communities, a spontaneous evolution of people with a common challenge-  letting alcohol become a bigger part of their lives than they like-  finding and helping each other.

I am so glad this community exists.  Without the support and education I've found here, I don't think I would have been motivated to tackle 100 days without alcohol.  I know I will experiment with drinking alcohol again, after I finish these 100 days.  I know I will be honest here about my experiences.  And I know that whatever role alcohol takes in my future-  Whether I decide I am a never-ever person, or a glass of wine 3 times a year person, or one who vacillates back and forth from over-use to abstinence, back and forth-   I know y'all will be here, learning from my experiences, and helping me bring into focus how alcohol fits, if at all, into me continuing to be my most authentic self.

Thank you!!!


I'd love to hear about your journey, and hear your take on my journey. Comments are very welcome!!