Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sober Day #91- Mental Indigestion.

It's another very cold day here-  cold and calm.  I am thinking about only 9 more days to my initial 100 days without alcohol goal.  I embarked on this not really thinking it was something I'd finish- and now I am sure that I will.

How do I feel about that?  Astonished.  Proud. Challenged, as in, What's Next?  Grateful- for having been given, for giving myself, a different way to look at and experience the world.

I guess it's a sort of mental indigestion-  so many conflicting thoughts, incompatible ideas, diametrically opposed desires.

I will continue ruminating.  And not drinking.  At least until 100.


  1. Grateful for giving yourself a different way to look at and experienc the world. Ype, nailed it again!!

  2. Whoop! Sounds great. Not long to go either.. hope you have something lovely planned for your 100 days - if nothing else a huge big sober pat on the back is in order. There are lots and lots and lots and lots of boozers who would love to make it to 100 days but can't. So you really should be proud of yourself xxx


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