Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sober days #78 & #79- The Pressing Need to Travel!

It is soooooo much easier to do no-wine at home.  But this is probably because I have now laid down a lot of reinforcement for the neural pathways of coming home after work and doing something- anything- reading, cleaning, making stuff- and NOT going to the fridge to pour a glass of wine.

I contrast this with how hard it was while in South Beach.  But then I count.  3 nights in South Beach out of 79 now without wine.  and a week in New Orleans.  so about 10 days of this nearly 80 having no-wine in a place other than home, vs. about 70 days at home doing no-wine.

As I see it, that means I need another 70 days of travel/vacation tout de suite in order to lay down the appropriate no-wine-on-vacation neural pathways.  This makes sense, doesn't it?

Buenos Aires?  Kyoto?  Mumbai?  Copenhagen? Auckland? The Canary Islands? All on my travel bucket list-  what a great fantasy!  Especially on a cold winter day!

However, back to seriousness-  this definitely demonstrates to me what many have told me but I wasn't sure I believed:  It does get easier to resist wine the more often I have done it.  That is encouraging!


  1. And it gets easier and easier, but then hard for a minute. But only a minute. :)

  2. Yeah, I keep using that mantra, along with focused breathing, when the temptation is intense. But, the intensity is also lessening over time- now, it's not so bad, even when I happen to walk down the wine aisle at the supermarket!


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