Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sober Day #88: Accepting Help!

In Chinese culture, the number 8 is considered very auspicious, and I have TWO of them today!  There must be something extra-special coming my way!

I am continuing to tackle demons-  that is, things, thoughts, habits, emotions that I suppressed or hid from with alcohol.  As so many have mentioned, simply (although it is by no means simple!!) stopping drinking does not solve all our problems.  Instead, it allows us to see, to become aware of, all the things we have been avoiding by trying to pickle them in alcohol.

Early sobriety is a very mixed experience.  There is the pride (Me!  I went another day without alcohol!  I can do this!), and we find ourselves staring right into the faces of the problems we drank to avoid.

The help of my therapist is invaluable for me in this process.  I could try to wade through all these issues on my own, and I would probably eventually come to resolution.  Happily my therapist has the knowledge, experience and insight to short-circuit some of what would be lengthy paths with a focused question or honed observation.  I love those Ah-Ha moments!  AA's 12 steps are another way to tackle processing these avoided-by-drinking issues.  Reading about others' experiences on these Sober Blogs is yet another way to gain critically-needed insights.

Stopping drinking is the first step, not the final one, to being my/your authentic self.  And none of us has to do this alone.  There are tools and processes that help.  There are many resources for learning these, ranging from in- or out-patient treatment, one-on-one counseling, 12-step and other group programs, reading books and Sober Blogs, etc.

At least some of these resources are available to each one of us.  Although many of us subscribe to the I Can Do It Myself school of life- Dumping that fiendish alcohol from our lives is not easy!!  Be bold in accepting help!!  This is the mark of a strong and determined person!!


  1. In my previous life, I NEVER asked for help. EVER!!! My illness has forced me to ask, and it's been very humbling. Yet, strangely enough, it's also been very freeing. Perhaps if I'd have been strong enough to ask for help a long time ago I'd not have had the need to drown my worries, fears, and hurts?

    88 huh? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 88, two fat ladies in English Bingo parlance ;) Well done you! My blog is morphing into the type of resource I would have looked for on the web had it existed to help me on this journey. There is so much support for stopping habits like smoking, or tackling weight or exercise issues - but drinking remains a relatively taboo subject (apart from this small corner of the internet!) xx


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