Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sober Day #89- Being Here.

Nine and a half hours of sleep last night-  wow, does that feel great!

Dense snow is falling, making it difficult to see even as far as the ravine in back.  It will make driving to pilates class this morning an adventure!

It is so eye-opening, this different way of being.  In the past, a snowed-in weekend would have been a perfect time to start sipping some wine with lunch, continue with a gentle buzz all afternoon, skip dinner, and be snoozing on the sofa by about 8 PM.  (Snoozing, but not actually enjoying restorative sleep).  This soft cocoon of escape was irresistible!

And now, instead, I am choosing to be present.  The heat of the fire radiating onto my back while my toes are just a bit chilly (put on your slippers, silly Carrie!).  The snow piling up, erasing details until the outdoors looks like an intruiging and new land to explore.  The little dog barking to be let out of her crate after eating her breakfast.

How trivial that sounds - but it feels profound.  To see and feel my daily details instead of blurring them, slinking away from them with wine.

This sobriety is very interesting-  except when it is hard and nasty.

To be continued...


  1. Sometimes I wonder if I sleep way too much... but NO! Sleep is my therapy and medicine.

    1. I think I - and perhaps you- am/are making up for years of fragmented poor quality sleep from alcohol. Repairing old damage, perhaps, and setting ourselves up for lots of energy, for being open to and enthusiastic about new opportunities and discoveries!


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