Monday, December 30, 2013

Sober Day #62: A new approach to New Year's Eve!

I was just at the grocery store, watching at least every other person load up on alcohol.  Surprisingly, I didn't feel sad, deprived or tempted.  I more felt bemused- that it is a well-entrenched cultural meme that the end of one year and beginning of the next is celebrated with alcohol, usually excess alcohol.  New Year's Eve sort of carries permission to go wild with booze.  So much so that hotels offer party/overnight packages in anticipation of people being incapable of driving home safely after said party.

I never questioned this before- it was just what 'everyone' does.  And now I am thinking about it, examining it for 'fit'.  And it doesn't fit very well.

In the grocery store, it almost seemed to me that people were functioning in a trance, carrying out cultural/social dictates of how to celebrate.  Equating (as I have done for so many years) alcohol with fun.  As in 'Alcohol is required in order to have fun'.

And I am thinking:  'hmmm, that doesn't really seem to be true, after all'.  And 'the start of a new year sounds like a great time for sober reflection'-  on the successes and challenges of the year past, and the possibilities and surprises of the upcoming year.

So, this New Year's Eve, I will be trying out a new way of having fun.  And I will awaken on the first morning of the new year feeling fabulous.  


  1. Yep I saw the same thing when I went to the supermarket today. Walls of champagne stacked up ready for sale for tomorrow night. Wolfie piped up 'you could do that, you've reached 100 days?' to which I responded - why would I want to start a New Year with a hangover, doesn't really set the tone for 2014 much does it? Plus it's my daughter's bday, why would I spoil that? Have a lovely evening xx

    1. An almost-New Year's Eve Baby! I hope the sober birthday celebration was fabulous!


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