Monday, December 2, 2013

Sober Day #34- Christmas, Autocorrect and 21st Birthday!!

Wow, I'm 1/3 of the way to finishing my initial 100-day challenge.  It's hard for me to believe I could actually do this!  Although now I feel pretty confident of being able to finish the full 100 days-  even though those 100 days encompass holiday parties, Christmas and New Year's Eve.  Phew!

The good thing about this time of year, though, is the vast number of satisfying activities that don't necessarily require alcohol.  Trimming the tree?  On my agenda for today!  Finishing the match-making of friends and family with gifts they will love?  80% done!  Enjoying wrapping the presents, beginning stuffing stockings?  Next weekend, I think.

And great news!  Older daughter, who lives about an 8 hours drive away, will be coming home later this month for a few days, and will be here to celebrate her 21st birthday with us! (She is a December 22nd baby).  I texted her that Dad would take her out for a gin and tonic, but we'd stick to flavored seltzer water at home (she knows about and supports my participation in the 100 day challenge).  But Autocorrect changed my text to "Gun and Tonic"- and she allowed as how Gin was more enticing to her than Gun, lol!!  That app is full of giggles-  yesterday it also changed 'septoplasty' to 'sextuplets'-  a veritable comedian!!

And no wine in my life these days!  It does get a little easier.  But not Easy.  


  1. Isn't it weird how confidence starts to build at this point in sobriety? It unnerves me a bit, however, as I became overconfident at the 9 month mark during my last stab at this. That overconfidence cost me 4 more years of miserable drinking. But it sure does feel good to not be white-knuckling, doesn't it?

    I, too, have daughters living away. It is great news that yours is coming home soon. You'll have such a grand time doing the visit sober - I can't wait to hear about it.

    1. Yeah. I've always told my kids they were in exactly the family God chose for them, they just had to arrive a little differently from most kids since Mom's body wasn't working right. And I'm not even a very religious person- but that seemed to make them feel secure- that despite the tumultuous journey of being adopted, that they were in exactly the right place!


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