Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sober Day #36- Month Two Blues

The past few days I've been having a more difficult time with alcohol-resisting.  I've even caught the thoughts going through my head "Why am I doing this stupid challenge anyway?" and "Surely just one night of drinking wine wouldn't harm me now?" and "I wouldn't even have to admit it on my blog!"

Oops.  Full stop.  Think again.

#1:  I am committed to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth on this blog.  So much for lying about alcohol intake!!

#2:  I am doing this challenge because alcohol was affecting much more of my life than I felt was safe or healthy.  I am doing this challenge because I made a commitment to it. And I am stubborn.  And I am competitive with myself.  And so I will complete these 100 days, even when it is uncomfortable or stressful.

#3:  In light of these truths, even one night of wine now would be harmful, and I will not do it.



  1. Same here!!! The little voice says ridiculous things! I have to think back to where I was vs where I am. I was in a dark place, hopeless and destroying my life. What makes me think I can "control" vodka if I start in again? From personal experience, I can tell you without a doubt, that once you lie about consumption to your accountability group, it's a downward spiral. It's a fine example of "pride commeth before the fall". I now see that fessing up to drinking, if a "slip" happens, is a healthy part of the process and beats the hell out of the alternative.

    If things are better at 30 days, let's see what 60 looks like, shall we? Hope your day is fabulous with little input from "the voice" :)

    1. Oh, Ginger. Thank you! I knew as soon as it crossed my mind that lying was a very very bad idea-so it really helps to hear your perspective. Yup, I'm in it for at least the 100 days. And if I get in bed by 8:30 tonight, I can get 9 hours of sleep before an early conference tomorrow morning. 60 days it is!

    2. Yep, that little voice had crept into my head as well at 33 days. Like Ginger said, fessing up if we do slip up is the only way to help ourselves get back on track.

    3. I'm afraid that is true. Humbliing, difficult, painful- but necessary. Perhaps realizing that will help me lean further away from the tempation to indulge!


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