Friday, December 13, 2013

Sober Day #45- Respite and Empty Calories

Yet another calm, no alcohol evening at home.  Excellent!

15 year old daughter and I are planning to drive to the city where daddy/husband works today.  And attend his work Christmas party tonight.  BUT...

There is a winter snow advisory here in our city, and also in his city 5 hours north of here.  They already have about a foot of snow, and are expecting more snow starting this afternoon and continuing through the weekend.  I do have a new car with all-wheel drive.  I guess we'll start out, and be ready to stop for the night or turn back if the roads get treacherous.

It's funny, in thinking about this plans and possible modification, how little thought I've given to alcohol.  In the past, such a journey would have required stock-piling wine, in case we arrived really late- and arguing myself into no alcohol before the journey (at least I've always had good common sense about not drinking and driving- small favors!).  Even with husband's Christmas party this evening, it just hasn't been much on my mind.  And to me, that is really a miracle!

I know Wolfie will be back again, but it is such a gift to have this respite from dealing with him.  Now to tackle the empty calories I've been consuming to keep him at bay!!  On the other hand, I figure I was consuming about 800 - 1000 empty wine calories a day before, so that should give me some leeway!


  1. Carrie drive safely, if you must go. I gave up taking those chances years ago. The stress would have me in knots and more in need of drinking.
    I get it re: the calories. Funny, I am down about 1000 calories a day also and my body seems to want to make up for it. I am good though at not eating junk. You'd think the weight would drop off, fall to the floor. HA.

    1. Thank you for your concern! We ultimately decided not to chance the drive, so daughter and I are cocooning here at home this weekend. Which gives me kitchen-time to experiment with some comfort-food, low-carb version recipes- so it's not all bad!! Yes, why doesn't the weight just drop off, lol!!

  2. Cocooning with a daughter! It doesn't get much better than that :)


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