Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sober Day #42: Cozy and Domestic- without Alcohol

More snow last night- it is so pretty- or, at least, it will be once it gets light!  The dogs have been out and are snuffling around as I wipe the snow off their paws and get their breakfast ready.

I have a number of major house projects underway.  The biggest is having two of the upstairs bathrooms redone.  I am bracing for workmen (work people?  Will there be any work-women?) to be in and out of the house for a few weeks.

But most of the projects are mine!  Purchased furniture to assemble, baseboards to paint, paintings and mirrors to hang; rearrange this and that, switch out this carpet for that.  This is all in anticipation of selling this house, probably 3-5 years from now.  But every time we've sold a house, we've done major fix-up projects just before selling- and said to ourselves, gee, we really should have done these before, so we could have enjoyed them ourselves.  So this is the Before!

Having these projects is very satisfying.  I am enjoying the nesting, the cocooning.  And I am specifically enjoying having sober time in the evenings to work on these things.  In the Old Days (that is, more than 6 weeks ago, giggle), I would have intentions of working on something of an evening, and probably even get a preliminary step or two done while having my first glass or two of wine- before deciding that it was really too much trouble, I'd wait til tomorrow, and just curl up with this book or magazine.

This is a Big Benefit of Evening Sobriety: Working on various projects or artwork- and Finishing!  And feeling so Satisfied!!

Wolfie has been staying away for a bit now- but I'm keeping my eye out for him.  Husband's big Christmas Party is on Friday.  With a new set of co-workers, none of whom I've met before.  In the past this would be a Major Evening for Mr. Wolfie.  I am determined that it will not be this time.

But I am not feeling sanguine.  Yes, I could skip the event- but my sweetie is really eager for me to meet the people he works with.  And since we are doing this Commuting Relationship thing these day- me working here, and him working a 5 hour drive away, in his own condo during the week- I feel that these events that reinforce our caring for each other are important.  If I said, I Just Can't Do It- he would be supportive, but disappointed.  And I'd rather not disappoint him.  So I am working on a new, enhanced set of Anti-Wolfie Armor for that evening.   (with my encouragement, he is following what I write on this blog.  It's OK, Sweetie, I can do it!!)

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