Monday, February 3, 2014

Sober Day #97: Abundance

Yup.  My theme for the rest of this year is Abundance.  Abundance in all but alcohol and carbohydrates.  2014:  The Year of Abundance.

That means developing a whole network for myself of supports and celebrations of being sober.  It means dipping my toes into all sorts of experiences I would formerly have avoided because they were unfamiliar (outside comfort zone), cut into drinking time, or both.  It means learning to be genuine, authentic in my pleasures, rather than relying on the pseudo-pleasure of an alcoholic release from reality.

You've seen that funny tag-line:  Reality is Over-rated?  My Tag-line for 2014 is 'Reality is a Hoot!'

I feel almost giddy about my decision for an alcohol-free 2014.  Which tells me this is definitely the right decision for me.  Not the Easy Decision, nor the one I expected.  Not the Obvious or Socially-adept decision.  Just Right.


  1. Carrie I am so glad to hear your decision about continuing your journey 'sans le booze'. I feel giddy for you too :)

  2. Thanks for sharing your struggles making this decision.....and the peace that has finally arrived

    1. You are right- it IS peaceful here. Thank you!


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