Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sober Day #131: Sunshine Thanks!

A huge hug and thanks to Lucy for nominating me for the Sunshine Award!!  I am soooo honored by this nomination that I can't tell you how much it means to me.  On the flip side, I don't want to burden another 10 bloggers (no matter how much I admire them and how meaningful and life- (OK, sobriety-) saving their posts have been for me) with naming yet another 10 bloggers to nominate!

The part of this award that I particularly love is the requirement that all acceptees (hmmm, not really a word, I guess, but seems to fit the purpose here) list 10 previously unknown (as in un-blogged) facts about themselves.  Taking a cue from Sharon at Sober at Sixty, I'm going to list 5!

1.  Color drives my creative life!  I've never met a color that I can't enjoy once I find the right color-environment for it!!

2.  I lived for many years on the Texas Gulf Coast.  We boarded up and left for many a threatened hurricane!

3.  I do most of my blogging at my treadmill desk, logging 2 to 2.5 miles an hour.

4.  I adore dogs!  Here are my 3:

5.  (Probably no real surprise to anyone but me!) I am finding that I loooove being sober!!


  1. I'm a big dog lover, too. Sadly we're down to one and just found out our oldest granddaughter is allergic. So don't know if we'll be adding another one to the family.

    1. Sharon, my practice currently focuses on allergy. Please look into immunotherapy for this granddaughter- over time, this treatment actually changes the immune system so it no longer mistakenly sees a threat in environmental proteins like dog dander. It is available as the traditional allergy shots (SCIT, subcutaneous immunotherapy) and also as under-the-tongue drops (SLIT, sublingual immunotherapy). Give her the chance to become a dog-lover too!


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