Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sober Day #130

One hundred and thirty days.  How much I am learning.  What I notice today- probably since Saturday is my long workout day- is how my feelings about fitness are shifting.

I've had a major commitment to fitness for about 10 years now.  I work out with a trainer 3 times weekly, and do changing group pursuits the other days-  pilates, TRX, barre, yoga, gyrotonics-  you name it, and I will try it!  Averaging at least an hour a day of vigorous activity.

Here's how I feel (or felt) at the beginning of a class/session:  I have made the commitment to this, so I will do it.  It's not very fun, but it IS important.  I will zone out when possible, and take shortcuts as needed to get through it.

Today I noticed a shift.  It's as though another layer of victim-hood is dropping away (for what I described above, if you reread it, is really being a victim of my own commitment).  Today I noticed that when the work gets hard, I am leaning into it.  When I just-about-can't do something, I push even harder.  And I am reveling in the hardness, and how it moves me toward a greater level of fitness.

It still looks just the same from the outside- but it feels very different from the inside.


  1. Hi Carrie
    That's exactly the post I needed this morning :o)
    I'll be in that little gym of mine very shortly..... and the phrase I'll be taking in there from your mail is....
    Nice! I will!
    Have a good day :o)

    1. Happy workout! It feels good, doesn't it!

  2. "It still looks just the same from the outside- but it feels very different from the inside." Yup, that's true of so many things eh? It's so good to be able to actually feel what's going on inside.

    1. Great reminder, Sue. That wine-related internal, emotional numbness is still thawing for me, and the whole world looks so different!

  3. Hi, I have nominated you for The Sunshine Award! You can read about it at: xx

    1. Hi, Lucy, thanks soooooo very much for this honor!!!


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