Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sober Day #126: Making My Bed

With sobriety, I began again to notice the world around me.  To see, observe, think about it.  And to let my thinking about other people change, evolve.

I notice that nobody but me cares about whether our bed is made in the morning.  Oh, I think, nobody cares.  I don't have to make the bed.  And then I notice that I like it when the bed is made.  I like walking into our bedroom and seeing it look so tidy, so welcoming.  Gosh, I think, this looks as good as a hotel or a magazine ad.

And I decide to make the bed most mornings, for ME.  This task, this one minute or so of making the bed, shifts.  It is no longer something I do because I should or because it is what one does.  Or because my man wants this, expects this, or so I think.  He really doesn't care much.  Making my bed becomes something I do for me, and enjoy for me- and is no longer a burden in my mind, ripe for my resentment at All I Have To Do.

What freedom!


  1. Oh get happy you! So great! I love making my bed in the morning. My husband never does it. I honestly think he doesn't 'see' the unmade bed. But I make the bed all lovely and smooth and it makes me happy all day. Strange but true! It's the little things, right. And that's what sobriety gives us. Appreciation of the little things (and letting go of resentments). Sounds like you are doing some awesome rebuilding. Wonderful to hear xxx

    1. I had no idea I was embarking on such a detailed and expansive voyage of discovery when I set down my wine glass! And I think there must be a sex-linked gene for 'Dirty and Untidy Vision', lol!

  2. Lovely reflections, Carrie :o)
    Since stopping drinking, I've got many similar ones around the house....
    .... but it's going to take me a few more weeks or months before I graduate to the bed-making stage...... That's semi-pro material.... at LEAST! ;o)
    Keep on enjoyin' it!
    G x

    1. lol. GS, bedmaking is low-hanging fruit for me- the tougher stuff is dishes and keeping the garage and dog room tidy!

  3. Yep I feel the house is untidy if I go out and mine and the kids beds aren't made too! :)


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